About the Author


Graham Hughes started his career as a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police. He transferred to South Yorkshire Police and then to Surrey Police. He was trained to drive with the Police and thought he knew how to drive. How wrong he was! It was an extremely difficult course and after completing it, he certainly did know how to drive.

During his career, he went to numerous road traffic accidents where driver error was the main problem. The type of accidents were either fatal, serious or slight and were caused by all ages from 90+yrs olds to young teenagers and some not even old enough to hold a driving licence.

After taking witness statements and analysing all the evidence, he had a good idea of how the accident was caused. Sometimes it was not down to driver error and was either a vehicle malfunction or road or weather conditions were a contributory cause.

He was a police officer for nearly 18 years and after having to retire from the Police in 1990, due to a serious back injury, he became a driving instructor. He was able do this due to his ability to be able to sit but not walk far.

He started out with a large national driving school and then set up his own business after having learned the ropes. His business was a huge success, one in which he did not have to advertise for clients at all.

He took the RoSPA advanced driving test which he passed on the first attempt attained a Grade 1 Gold standard. This was the top award and was now able to take the Diploma in Advanced Driving. This he did, which he passed.

When he was training his pupils, he taught them various advanced driving techniques that were suitable for learners to pass their test. These techniques included giving a commentary drive, which he did when he was trained with the police. (The commentary drive is explained in the book.) Nearly all the learners found it hard to do, but the benefits of doing this, far outweighed all the sweating and swearing they did when they first learned the basics of it.

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