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On average, less than 50% of pupils taught by a qualified driving instructor in the UK, pass the driving test. If that is the average, there must be some very poor driving instructors in this country. You do not know who they are because no one will publish their details. You could be paying perhaps £2,000 for a driving instructor to get you through the driving test and perhaps less than 1 in 2 pass.

This book provides a structured format and follows a syllabus, where the learner and perhaps the helper, will reach a very high standard of driving proficiency. I use advanced driving techniques that are suitable for a learner to pass the driving test at the first attempt. These techniques will also make it easy for you to progress onto the 'Advanced Driving' level.

Advanced driving is the best sort of driving anyone can do. I would say that after you have completed the lessons in this book and have taken the lessons seriously, the learner or their helper would only need a few lessons with an advanced driver, to proceed to the advanced drivers' standard themselves.

Buying this book and following my syllabus will give you a higher chance of passing your practical driving test. You can also use the book later as a handy point of reference whenever you need to check something.

This book has been written to help people wanting to learn to drive without a driving instructor. It is designed so that you read a chapter and practice what you have just read. You can take as much time as you like to learn the subject and there is no pressure on you to learn it within a set time, as you would do with a driving instructor.

It can be quite fractious helping and learning with a friend and this book helps to sort out problems that you might face on the road. Throughout the book, the helper and the learner get tips on how to cope with each other and the general driving.

You can buy this book for £27.42.